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Les Clefs d'Or

Connecting travelers with the things they love and making dreams come true is just part of what Les Clefs d'Or can do for you. Working with industry leading business Les Clefs d'Or seeks to ensure everyone has the trip of their dreams.


Banff Springs Golf Tournament 2023

Another perfect day in the mountains was enjoyed by those closest to the amazing Les Clefs d'Or here in beautiful Banff, Alberta at the stunning Stanley Thompson Golf Course.

Banff Springs Golf Tournament 2022

Returning to the links, bringing Alberta's best businesses together again for another wonderful day at the legendary, Stanley Thompson Golf Course in Banff, Alberta.


Banff Springs Golf Tournament 2019

Bringing Banff's best together for a fun day on the links at the world famous Stanley Thompson golf course in Banff, Alberta, Canada


Clefs d'Or Congress 2019

Bringing the nation together for a magical mountain celebration, these 4 days were something we won't soon forget.


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